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इतिहास की तंग गलियों में जनपद जालौन - 30

देवेन्द्र सिंह जी - लेखक 
कंपनी सरकार ने नाना गोविंदराव सर एक नई संधि करने को कहा। इस संधि में 10 धाराएं थीं। इस संधि के अध्ययन से एक बात पता चलती है और उसको ध्यान में भी रखना पड़ेगा कि इसी तिथि से ही जालौन के मराठा शासकों को राजा का पद प्राप्त हुआ। पहले ये पेशवा के यहाँ मुलाजिम थे। इनका पद कमविस्दार, मामलातदार का था। पूना में पेशवाई के कमजोर होने पर ये शक्तिशाली जरुर हो गए मगर प्रभुसत्ता हमेशा पेशवा की ही मानी जाती रही। जब पेशवा ने अपनी प्रभुसत्ता को कंपनी के पक्ष में परित्याग किया और कंपनी ने उनको राजा माना तभी से उनका पद राजा का हुआ। हम लोग आदर में हमेशा उनको जालौन का राजा ही शुरू से कहते रहे। इस संधि का जालौन के इतिहास में बड़ा दूरगामी प्रभाव पड़ा अत: इसका पूरा अध्ययन जरूरी है अत: पूरी संधि आप से साझा करता हूँ। 

Engagement concluded between the British Government and Nana Govind Rao,-1817
Where as by a treaty concluded between the British Government and Highness the Peishwa, under the date 13th June 1817, corresponding with the 14th Assar 1874 Sumbut, the right of supremacy possessed by His Highness over Nana Govind Rao, and the lands in the Nana’s immediate occupation, have been transferred 

Article 1.
All the article of engagment contracted with Nana Govind Rao by Colonel Baillie on the part of the British Government, under date the 3rd day of October 1806, corresponding with the 10th of Shabun 1221 Hijree, and the 11th of kooar Sood 1863 Sumbut, shall remain in full force, excepting in as they are not altered by this treaty.

Article 2.
The British Government hereby relinquishes for ever its right to tribute and military service from Nana Govind Rao, his heirs and successors. The British Government moreover acknowledges and hereby constitutes Nana Govind Rao, his heirs and successors, the hereditary rulers of the territory at present in the Nana’s actual possession.

Article 3.
The British Government further engages to protect the aforsaid possessions of the Nana from the aggressions of any foreign power, and it is accordingly hereby agreed between the contracting parties that whenever the Nana shall have reason to apprehend a design on the part of any power to invade his territories, whether in consequence of any disputed claim or on any other ground, he shall report the circumstances of the case to the British Government, which will interpose its mediation for the adjustment of such disputed claim; the Nana, relying on the justice and equity of British Government, agrees implicitly to abide by its award. If the apprehended aggression be referable to any other cause, the British Government will endeavour by representation and remonstrance to avert the design, and if, notwithstanding the Nana’s acquiescence in the award of the British Government, the other party shall persist in its hostile designs, and the endeavours of the British Government shall fail of success, such mesures will be adopted for the protection of the Nana’s territories as the circumstances of the case may appear to require.

Article 4.
Nana Govind Rao hereby cedes to the British Government in perpetual sovereignty the whole of lands of ilakah of Kundah appertaining to the perganah of Mohabuh, circumscribed by the territories of the British Government, and also certain villages on the banks of the River Jumna appertaining to the pergunnah of Choorke, and intermixed with the honorable Company’s land of Bhudaick and Raypore, including mal, sayer, charity, and rent-free lands of every description, agreeably to a Schedule subjoined to the treaty; the Nana accordingly engages that the aforesaid lands shall be given up to the Officers of the British Government immediately on demand. But with a view to the satisfaction of certain claims upon the Nana, for which some of these lands are pledged, the British Government hereby agrees to grant to the Nana the revenue of those lands be paid in cash up to the end of Assar next, corresponding with July 1818; the current revenue, after deducting the expense of collection, the outstanding balances, and the advances of tuccavie which may be justly demandable up to the end of Assar next, accordingly to the Regulations of the British Government, shall accordingly be collected by the British Revenue Officers and paid to the Nana monthly.

Article 5.
If at any time the Nana have any cause of complaint against any of the Rajahs or chiefs allied to the British Government, the Nana engages to refer the case to the arbitration and decision of the Government, and to abide implicitly by its award, and on no account to commit aggressions against the other party, or to employ his own force for the satisfaction of such claim or the redress of grievance of which he may complain.

Article 6.
Nana Govind Rao hereby engages to abstatin from corresponding with foreign powers, excepting with the privity and consent of British Government.

Article 7.
With a view to faciliate the adjustment of boundry disputes betwn the subjects of the Nana and that of the British Government, and to avoid the delay of a reference to the Nana, the Nana hereby engages to may receive from the Superintendent of Political Affairs, for causing the attendance of parties and witnesses, or for any other purpose connected with the adjustment of boundary disputes without waiting the result of a reference to him. The Nana further agrees to give ready and attention to allsuggestions from the Superintendent respecting the punishment of any of his subjects who may be convicted before the Superintendent of violence and aggression towards the British subjects. With a further view to avoid disputes respecting the new boundaries which will be formed between the lands now ceded by the Nana and those to which they are contiguous, it is hereby agreed that actual possession at the time of Treaty shall be held to be the criterion for the settlement of all disputes which may arise respecting the aforesaid boundary, and that no retrospective claim founded on former possession shall be sustained on either side.

Article 8.
The British Government hereby engages to contract no engagements with Rao Benaick Rao, the manager of Saugor, or with the Bheik Sahiba, detrimental to the claims and rights of the Nana in the country of Saugor. The British Government, moreover, offers hereafter to interpose its good offices, with a view to bring about a satisfactory adjustment of the difference between Nana Govind Rao and manager of the country of Saugor.

Article 9.
Whenever the British Government may have occasion to send its troops through the territory of Nana Govind Rao, or to station British force within his territories, it shall be competent to the British Government so to detach or station its troops, and the Nana shall give his consent accordingly. The Commander of the British troops which may thus eventually pass through or permanently occupy a position within the Nana’s territories shall not in any manner interfere in the internal concerns of Nana;s Government; whatever materials or supplies may be required for the use of the British troops during their continuance in the Nana’s territories shall be paid for at the price current of the Bazzar.

Artilce 10.
This Treaty, consisting of ten Articles, having this day been concluded between the British Government and Nana Govind Rao through the agency of John Wauchope,Esq., in virtue of powers delegated to him by the Most Noble the Governor-General on the one part, and Appa Bulwunt Rao, the vakeel of the said Nana Govind Rao, on the other, Mr.Wauchope and the said vakeel signed and sealed two copies of the treaty in English, Persian, and Hindee, one of which , after being ratified by the seal and signature of the Most Noble the Marquis of Hasting, Governor General, will be returned to-morrow to the said vakeel, and the said vakeel having obtained the ratification of the Nana to the other copy, engages to deliver it within the same time to Mr.Wauchope.

Signed, sealed, and exchanged at Jaloun, on the First day of November 1817, corresponding with Seventh of Kartic1814 Sumbut, and Twentieth of Zechij 1232Hijree.
Seal of the Nana Govind Rao
Sd. Hasting (Sd)
Governor General’s Small Seal
Ratified by His Excellency the Govenor-General in camp near Nuddee-ka-Gong, this 3rd day of November One Thousand Eight Hundred and Seventeen.
(Sd) GEORGE SWINTON Persian Secretary to Governments 


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